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It's My Birthday

Well, it was my birthday.  It's technically after midnight.

It wasn't a bad day.  Lots of delicious pastries.  My birthday dinner got really screwed up to the point that everyone decided it doesn't count. 

I got a few cool presents.  Mom got me a Wonder Woman funko (B v S version), Lego Avengers for PS4, but the coolest was that she got me a Sailor V S.H.Figurearts.  I was just so happy that she remembered that the Sailor V version of Minako is one of my favorite form of any Sailor Senshi.  Of course it means that now I'm going to have to start looking at getting other figurearts now.


Final ShipSwap Letter


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scue Power Girl from certain death and have it as a rescue romance? 


Chocolate Box Letter


I'm pretty easy to please. I am open to any style of art. When it comes to fic I am open to anything that isn't one of my do not wants. You can include any characters or side ships other than ones I ask specifically not to receive. Dubcon is alright as is character death. Feel free to use darker themes if you want. Alternate universes and fusions are also great! I also really enjoy things where the ship is there but it isn't the focus for the characters.

Do Not Wants
-Focus on M/M
-Character Bashing
-Issue Fic

I have requested fic & art for all canons. Crossovers is at the end.

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Post Opening Pinch Hit

I was a stupid mod. I just checked for obvious nonsense text before opening. We have one more pinch hit. I'd like it in before creator reveals.

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Atelier Sophie Opening

Gah, the opening is so adorable! I love it!

I have a rule that I never renominate a song if someone has written a fic for it in a round of Jukebox.  This year I had two songs written about so I need two new songs.  Well, I think I found one.  Nana never disappoints.

Gakkou Gurashi!

It's out! The first episode of Gakkou Gurashi is out!  I think the first episode might even be better than the first chapter.  I recommend to everyone to watch the first episode without reading anything about the series.