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Fic Corner Letter

I'm so sorry! There are so many exchanges right now all in sign ups and I joined Fic Corner at the last minute so I haven't finished my letter.  I promise it will be done by the end of Friday.

I like any genre of fic.  I would enjoy any type of fic except for M/M (background M/M is fine).  Go as light or as dark, as canon or as AU, as you want.  I'm not picky for this exchange.

I don't have much to say and if you have questions ask the mod to contact me.

Ever After High Series - Shanon Hale
Apple, Cerise, Duchess

I ship any combo of these three, plus Apple/Raven, Daring/any female character, Apple/any female but Briar.  I also love friendship fic between any combination of characters.  You don't have to use all three characters.  I'd like something playing with fairy tales and blending them together.  Something dark would also be really fun.

Magical Girl of the End | Magical Girl Apocalypse
Any character
I read the American release of it, so I don't know what has happened in the manga after where the English release currently is at.  I would really enjoy anything you want to write in this universe.  I love all the characters that are nominated.

Mahou Shoujo Site
Any character
This one I am reading scanlations of.  I would enjoy anything with this.  I love the relationship between the main characters if you want to focus on something specific.

Hetalia: Axis Powers
Female America, Belarus, Taiwan
So as long as it isn't Belarus/her siblings or Taiwan/another Asian nation it is fine.  I do ship any combo of the requested characters.  A fun AU or something about a piece of historical trivia would be really fun.

The School of Good and Evil
Any Character
I love both nominated characters.  The first book was absolutely perfect.  The second broke my heart in the character department and annoyed me in a lot of other ways.  I do plan to get the third book when it comes out in and how it goes will change how I view the series as a whole.  I prefer Agatha/Sophie.  I have mixed feelings on Tedros.  On the one hand I didn't like him at all in the first book but his interactions with Sophie in the second made me feel sympathetic towards him.