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2015 Dear Yuletide Writer


Dear Yuletide Writer,

My AO3 name is VampirePaladin.  I am pretty easy to please.  Just the idea that someone spent their time making something for me always makes me happy.  So whatever you do I will be thrilled to the moon.  Everything in this letter are just ideas and suggestions.  As long as you don’t write one of the few things I specifically ask not to receive, I’ll love it.  I have put the canons in alphabetical order.  How much I say about each does not reflect desire level.

In general I like F/F, F/M, and gen.  I don’t care if it is first, second, or third person.  I love AUs, fusions and crossovers as long as I know the fandoms involved.  Violence, sex, and character death are all fine. Dubcon and noncon are also okay.

I really love apocalypses, post-apocalypse, and world being ruled by a baddie type settings for any of the requested fandoms.

Things I dislike for all fandoms

-Mundane AUs

-A narrative that mocks character’s beliefs

-Miscarriage or child death

-M/M as the focus (side and background is fine)

For Crueltide

Happy Endings Preferred?:
Happy, bittersweet or ambiguous are fine, but I'd rather not have a super bleak ending.
Wanted tropes: Amputation, Apocalypse, Brainwashing, Character Death, Dystopia, Hauntings, Hypothermia, Insanity, Lovecraftian Cosmic Horrors, Medical Experimentation, Mind Control, Monsters, Murder, Mutilation, Non-Con, Poisoning, Prison, PTSD, Sadism, Slavery, Violence
Unwanted tropes: Animal Abuse, Humiliation

Ame-Comi Girls

Barbara Gordon

I love the idea of Barbara being the first bat character in this universe.  How did she get started?  What inspired her to take up a bat name?  How did Carrie get involved?  Do Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson even exist?  How did Barbara become associated with Natasha?  Do Helena Wayne or Kate Kane ever start crime fighting?  

What about Barbara’s rogue gallery?  We know how Duella got her start, but what about the others?  Do the backstories of any of the rest of them change?  What about their first encounter with Batgirl?  Does Jim Gordon Jr exist in this universe and if so is he a villain?  What about some regular crime fighting?

How did the founding of the Justice League go down?  How did they get a space station?  Do the Teen Hellions cause issues?  Have they ever asked Barbara or Carrie to join them?  

I’d also love to see DC characters brought in that weren’t in the comic.  I few that I am most interested in are Amy Winston or Zatanna Zatara.  I’d also be interested in seeing what a female John Constatine would be like.  I’ve mostly only read comics from the New 52 and on, but feel free to bring in anyone as long as you give me links to info in the notes.

I’m also interested in crossovers.  I don’t know Marvel all that well* but I’d kind of like to see a crossover with a similar Ame-Comi style Marvel.  I also really like the 60s Green Hornet show or the comic Furious.  Of course pretty much any magical girl fandom is fine for a crossover.

Shipping? Why, yes, I love shipping too.  I am open to almost anything.  A few that come to mind are Barbara/Kara Jor-El, Barbara/Kara Zor-El, Barbara/Deula, Barbara/Harley, Barbara/Poison Ivy.  I’m up for any crossover super hero ships  too!

*Marvel knowledge:  92 X-Men cartoon, some of the X-Men movies, X-Men Legends I, a few of the very first X-Men comics, Spider-Gwen, Kamala’s Ms. Marvel and the new Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Daredevil show

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (video game)

Awin Sidelet, Escha Malier

I love the Atelier games.  I love sitting there and trying to create the best goods I can by alchemy.  I love the characters, I love the art, I love the world.  Escha is probably one of my favorite protagonists in the franchise.

I do ship these two together.  If you feel comfortable writing an incest ship then I’d be happy to read almost anything.  Get together fic.  PWP.  Post-canon.  Going on an adventure together.  Something set after the Awin ending.  Dating.  Something set farther into the future.  If you have an idea that isn’t one of the things I mentioned then go ahead and write that.  I’d be happy with anything with those two shipped together.

If you're not into incest then there are still plenty of other things I’d love to read for this canon.  I do enjoy platonic interactions between the two.  I’d love to see them working together on a project or something while they are growing up.  I also like Escha/Logy, Escha/Solle, Awin/Miruca, and Awin/Linca a lot too if you want to write something shippy but don’t want to go incesty.  I have played Atelier Ayesha & Atelier Shallie so feel free to bring in anything from that.

Anything developing the world would be amazing.  I would love to see either character at work with the other helping in some way.  I’m also weirdly fascinated with the idea of crime and outlaws in this world.  What about something based on the ending where Awin & Escha leave together?  

Ever After High

Apple White, Cerise Hood, Duchess Swan

This fandom has so much potential!  There is just so much I’d love to see for it.  

I don’t like either Royals or Rebels being bashed.  I find both sides interesting and both can be both selfish and selfless in their choices.  I don’t want to receive Dexter/Raven, Apple/Briar, Raven/Maddie, or Sparrow/Duchess.  In the case of Dexter/Raven it is alright to include it as a minor background ship.  

In terms of ships I would like to get: Any combination of the three requested characters.  Daring/any female character.  Apple/Raven.  Sparrow/Cupid.  Any of the three requested with Rochelle, Jinafire, Abbey, Spectra, Operetta, Gory, Clawdia, Elissabat, Vandala, Kiyomi, River, Luna, Frankie, or Isi from Monster High.  Apple/Darling.  Duchess/Darling.  Really, any F/F ship except the two I asked not to receive.

I am familiar with both the show and the books, so take whatever you want from both.

I love stories that give real serious repercussions to not following your story.  I really love that Farrah Goodfairy’s diary finally gives some serious negative sides to not doing so.  The idea that all the fairy characters will cease to exist if their story does is fascinating.  I’ve also been toying around with the idea that what if the stories are required for the continued existence of the world?  Like, maybe it would experience a slow, gradual death.  Or maybe if the assigned people don’t do the roles that the universe forces some random person into the role who might not be prepared for it.  Or maybe all the people who are supposed to be involved with a story stop aging until their story progresses.

I really love curses, spells and enchantments.  Twisting together multiple fairy tales are also really fun.  I’d also really enjoy some world building.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Sunset Shimmer

I am familiar with, and up to date on, Friendship is Magic.  So you can pull anything you want to from that.  I generally don’t follow material outside the show/movies, but I did read the Equestria Girls holiday comic.  I did watch both the original My Little Pony cartoon and My Little Pony Tales.  If you asked me who my favorite older pony character was I’d tell you it is Bowtie from the very first My Little Pony special (also called Rescue at Midnight Castle).

Sunset Shimmer is my favorite character from the entire FiM/EG franchise.  I love her story and how her role changes from movie to movie.  I would prefer something after her redemption, but if you have an idea for when she was still an antagonist that is fine.  I am a little worried that with human Twilight joining the group that Sunset Shimmer will be demoted in the next movie.

If you want to go with a more mundane story, I’d love to see Sunset’s living situation.  Is she in foster care, group home, adopted, orphanage, or something else?  I’ve asked for this prompt in the past and received an excellent fic, but I always want to see other people’s takes on it.  Another mundane story idea is seeing Sunset experiencing holidays/her birthday with the others.  I’d also love to see something about her perspective on the human world and comparing it to Equestria.  

If you want to go more magical I’d love to see Sunset Shimmer handling supernatural forces in the human world.  Maybe there is magic native to the human world and Sunset just hadn’t encountered it before?  Sunset dealing with vampires/werewolves/zombies/curses/ etc.  Since her special talent appears to also be magic itself, maybe she starts to relearn how to use it in human form easier.  Maybe threats from realities other than Equestria?  Maybe after high school Sunset Shimmer travels around dealing with magical threats?

I’ve been wondering since Rainbow Rocks if Sunset Shimmer is on her own path to Alicorn princesshood (or the human equivalent).  I find that the story of Sunset and Princess Twilight kind of mirrors Luna and Celestia as long as you switch the roles of the day and night related ponies.  I’ve also been wondering if either Princess Twilight and Sunset are meant to eventually replace the pony Celestia and Luna or if Sunset and human Twilight will become the human world equivalents.  

My favorite characters other than Sunset are Applejack, Chrysalis, Luna, Twilight, and Aria Blaze.  I don’t dislike any of the EG or FiM characters, so I am pretty open to anyone appearing and for Sunset to be shipped with almost anyone.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Daggeron, Madison Roca

I was not expecting to become so fond of this season when I started watching.  There is just enough world building to make me want more.  

The Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite fairy tales, so I loved seeing it being used for the episode that brought Daggeron in.  I love Madison and how she supports others.  It does make me a little sad that all her character focus episodes seem to be more on others than herself.

I do ship these two together and would love anything with that.  Anything from getting together, established relationship to just PWP.  I’d also love something where the focus was on something else and they just happened to be a couple.  

I mentioned world building already.  I’d love something that felt like a random episode.  Something I’ve always wanted is a story where a previous season’s villain won and took over the Earth and later team(s) had to fight to retake the Earth.  Oh you can use anything from other seasons too, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Beetleborgs, and VR Troopers are also okay. Post canon would also be cool.

Crossovers, fusions and AUs are all cool.

Suikoden III


I have beaten Suikoden III.  I have started Suikoden and Suikoden IV, but I have not beaten either.  I’ve recruited Viki in IV but not I.

I love and adore Viki.  She is my favorite character in the game and the second I get her she is always in my party.  I prefer Chris to be the Flame Champion, but if you want it to be Geddoe or Hugo that is fine.  I’d love something either serious or silly.

Something set in Budehuc castle maybe?  Or seeing Viki’s sneezing causing problems?  If you are into crossovers I’d love to see Viki sneeze her way into another RPG series (I play mostly RPGs on Sony systems).  Or maybe something dealing with how Viki sees the world?  Or maybe an unlikely sidequest?

Okay, so this section is pretty short, but I love it and Viki just as much as the others.  If you want to write something shippy then anyone in the 108 Stars of Destiny is fine.  If you decide to do her appearing in another RPG than pretty much any character appearing in those are fine.