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Chocolate Box Letter


I'm pretty easy to please. I am open to any style of art. When it comes to fic I am open to anything that isn't one of my do not wants. You can include any characters or side ships other than ones I ask specifically not to receive. Dubcon is alright as is character death. Feel free to use darker themes if you want. Alternate universes and fusions are also great! I also really enjoy things where the ship is there but it isn't the focus for the characters.

Do Not Wants
-Focus on M/M
-Character Bashing
-Issue Fic

I have requested fic & art for all canons. Crossovers is at the end.

Atelier & Related Fandoms
Lionela Heinze/Rorolina "Rorona" Frixell, Esty Dee/Sterkenburg "Sterk" Cranach, Miruca Crotze & Shallistera Argo & Shallotte Elminus, Ayesha Altugle/Regina Curtis, Awin Sidelet/Miruca Crotze, Shallistera Argo/Shallotte Elminus, Miruca Crotze & Shallotte Elminus, Escha Malier/Solle Grumman, Ayesha Altugle/Keithgriff "Keith" Hazeldine, Ayesha Altugle/Eighth Linca, Awin Sidelet/Escha Malier, Totooria "Totori" Helmold/Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang

Please no Marion/Linca.

I'd love almost anything for any of these combos. I've played all the Arland and Dusk games so don't worry about spoilers.

Lionela/Rorona - I feel that out of all the characters that Lionela needed Rorona the most. I would love to learn more about Lionela's powers and her other personalities. Will the citizens of Arland ever turn against her? I'd prefer something set after Atelier Rorona, but set during it is fine if you have an idea.

Esty/Sterk - I want to know more about their days training together. Or maybe the two going on an epic quest. I'd love something that illustrates that Esty is the more senior knight. I'd love a proposal or even a marriage.

Miruca & Shallistera & Shallotte - I love the ending with the three girls running an alchemy shop together. The friendship between the three of them is just so awesome. Really, anything with them working together and being friends would be great.

Ayesha/Regina - These two are so cute together. They would be a great couple and very complimentary to each other. How Regina works so hard to support her family and how Ayesha is working so hard to save her family really gel together well for me. I'd like to see them reunited post Atelier Ayesha.

Awin/Miruca - So why these two, despite having never met? Because I think they would get along well together. They also have complimentary skills when you consider his engineering and her style of alchemy. I'd also just love to see more interaction with characters cross the Dusk games.

Shallistera/Shallotte - The opening from Atelier Shallie has gone from one of my least favorite Atelier openings to one of my favorite. There is something about it that feels so romantic. I love how their bond starts as a shallow one based on a shared nickname and turns into something stronger.

Miruca & Shallotte - I love their friendship. I love that Miruca was designed as a rival and became a best friend. I love how Miruca isn't forgotten when Shallotte becomes friends with Shallistera.

Escha/Solle - Something involving sweets or paperwork would be great. I like how by the time of Atelier Shallie he sees her as someone he can call on for help.

Ayesha/Kieth - I like how his view of Ayesha has changed between Atelier Ayesha and Atelier Shallie. I like that Ayesha keeps going and can figure things out once she is set on the right track. I also like the idea of the two of them getting in increasing trouble with the law regarding ruins and their destruction.

Ayesha/Eighth Linca - Linca tries so hard to learn and grow but something always seems to go wrong with whatever Ayesha is trying to teach her. I like how they look together visually. Maybe something where Linca has to track down Ayesha? Or maybe Linca has a problem and wants Ayesha's help?

Awin/Escha - So, yes, this is an incest ship. I don't care. I love their relationship. I love hearing about their past. I love the ending where they run off in an airship together. They are just so adorable.

Totori/Mimi - Two girls, from opposite walks of life, both become adventurers for different reasons, but connected to their mothers. I love how casually it shows the advance in their relationships. I love that Mimi gets a specific scene about sailing off with Totori. I love how they have their big fight and how it ends. I love the Mimi ending. Really just anything with these two.

Doctor Who & Related Fandoms
Fifth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald

Five is my overall favorite Doctor and Clara is my overall favorite companion. Feel free to include Clara/Any of the other Doctors too (other favorites are 2, 9, 11, 12). I don't care if it breaks canon. You can use a Clara echo, the real Clara, TARDIS piloting Clara, any of her. Or even a multi-Clara and multi-Doctor team up would be amusing. I just love that Clara is the monster under the Doctor's bed but also a sort of guardian angel, always present and never remembered. Any ships except Doctor/Master or Doctor/Adric are fine. I'm not a big fan of Doctor/River either but I'm alright with some minor flirting if she shows up.

Ever After High
Daring Charming/Cerise Hood, Raven Queen/Apple White, Dexter Charming/C.A. Cupid, Cerise Hood/Duchess Swan, Briar Beauty/Hopper Croakington II, Daring Charming/Duchess Swan, Courtley Jester/Alistair Wonderland, Chase Redford/Darling Charming, C.A. Cupid/Sparrow Hood, Darling Charming/Ginger Breadhouse, Darling Charming/Duchess Swan

Please no Duchess/Sparrow, Apple/Briar, or Raven/Maddie. I really love AUs and twisted fairy tales for this franchise. I'd also love a fantasy, but not fairy tale specific, AU. I do not like seeing either Royals or Rebels being bashed, but I do love seeing serious, possibly dark, ramifications of their choices. I watch the cartoon and read the books.

Daring/Cerise - I totally blame all the awesome art for the reason I ship this. It would be kind of fun if they became villains together. I'd love to see more of them and doing sports together.

Raven/Apple - Probably the most common ship in this fandom. I love that these two can have such deep philosophical differences, continue to become better and better friends, and neither is shown being a bully. I love that they both ultimately care for others and both are shown willing to compromise for the greater good.

Dexter/Cupid - I know it is doomed. I know it won't happen. I know Dexter only has eyes for Raven. I'd still love something where he fell in love with Cupid. I feel so bad for her pining away, but valuing his friendship enough that she will try and help him get together with the girl of his dreams.

Cerise/Duchess - I found it interesting that they two were paired off for speed in the books. I find it interesting that Duchess is trying to escape her tragic destiny while Cerise is the daughter of someone who escaped his death. I love the animal sides to them. I also love how they look together.

Briar/Hopper - I love seeing the contrast between his tongue tied human form and his eloquent frog form. I like that they are clearly friends to some extent. Even if things didn't end up working out between them, I just wish Hopper could get the chance to clearly tell Briar how he feels.

Daring/Duchess - I felt so bad for Duchess in Next Top Villain. Pretty much the only girl that Daring doesn't notice at all. I could see him being the prince for Swan Lake easily for the tragic versions. I also just want to see Duchess not treated like a joke.

Courtly/Alistair - Okay, so in her video is revealed that Courtly was developing a crush on Alistair. How would that go down? How does she attempt to woe him? Is there any situation where she would succeed? Feel free to bring Bunny in for the ship too if you want. I'm okay if Alistair stays together with Bunny or if they are broken.

Chase/Darling - I know a lot of the fandom hates the idea of this ship. I love it. He saw Darling as an equal as a knight, and isn't that what she wanted more than anything else. I can see them being back to back badasses when evil threatens. Maybe Darling will end up becoming the actual next White Knight instead of just posing as him?

Cupid/Sparrow - So I was thinking, what if Cupid and Sparrow ended up together? An archer with bad aim and an archer who'd rather rock out. It would make for a very interesting version of Robin Hood. I also love that he always seems to show up in Cupid episodes lately.

Darling/Ginger - They were just so cute together in Spring Unsprung. It seemed like Ginger was really starting to develop a crush on Darling. It is a shame that the two really haven't interacted since then.

Darling/Duchess - So I'd love a traditional princess and prince/knight type story/art, only with Darling and Duchess in it. Just something really romantic with chivalry, magic, and quests. Or it could just be something simple like saving the other from embarrassment.

Hetalia: Axis Powers

America (Hetalia)/Belarus (Hetalia), Belarus (Hetalia)/Taiwan (Hetalia), America (Hetalia)/Vietnam (Hetalia), Female America (Hetalia)/Belarus (Hetalia), America (Hetalia)/Taiwan (Hetalia), Belarus (Hetalia)/Female Lithuania (Hetalia), Female America (Hetalia)/Taiwan (Hetalia), Ukraine (Hetalia)/Vietnam (Hetalia), Female Japan (Hetalia)/Seychelles (Hetalia), Japan (Hetalia)/Seychelles (Hetalia), Female America (Hetalia)/Vietnam (Hetalia), England (Hetalia)/Taiwan (Hetalia), Hungary (Hetalia)/Vietnam (Hetalia)

I am alright with OCs showing up.  You can include non-requested ships.  I like bother canon and non-nation AUs.  I don't like the whole fandom made up 2p thing.  I like both serious and silly things.  I also really love stuff that draws on history, especially trivia.  If you are doing a conflict between countries I am okay with someone being an antagonist, but I don't want like pure villainy for the sake of evil.  I don't want characterization based on the English dub.

Something I'd really like is a non-nation AU, but one that isn't mundane either.

Feel free to steal prompt ideas from a different pair or ignore my prompts completely.

A random prompt for any of these: a fantasy universe Wild West setting

America/Belarus -  I find their history and relationships with England and Russia interesting to compare and contrast, especially with how they are perceived in fandom.  I also like the opposite personalities.  I've always wanted to see something involving her interest in the occult and his fear of ghosts.

Belarus/Taiwan - Yep, I know it is sort of a crack ship.  But, these are two of my favorite characters and I think they could be fun together.  If you wanted to write an AU I've always wanted to see one with Belarus as a witch and Taiwan as an alchemist

America/Vietnam - I entirely blame the Japanese side of the fandom and all its fanart for this ship.  If going with nations I'd prefer something more contemporary or silly.  If you want an AU idea then how about a Power Rangers AU?

Female America/Belarus - Most of what I said for normal America/Belarus also applies to female America/Belarus.  Something I've wanted to see is a stepsisters falling in love idea?

America/Taiwan - These two would be such a bundle of energy and optimism together.  It would be great to see them going on an adventure together.  Or building a clubhouse.

Belarus/Female Lithuania - I have always enjoyed Belarus/Lithuania and now that there is a canon design for Female Lithuania I'd love to see the F/F version of them.  I don't really have any prompt ideas for this one.

Female America/Taiwan - F/F geeks in love!  I can see Taiwan making Female America cosplay with her.  It would be such a blast.  Again what I said about normal America/Taiwan applies to this.

Ukraine/Vietnam - I think these two would enjoy each others' company.  I can see Ukraine doting on Vietnam.

Female Japan/Seychelles & Japan/Seychelles - I like the contrast between their personalities and would like to see how they would bounce off each other.  I like the idea of something involving the ocean.

Female America/Vietnam - I'd prefer something more modern set for this pair.  I would love to see the two doing something together involving space or stars.

England/Taiwan - I'd love to see Taiwan as a pirate captain attack England's ship.  Maybe take him prisoner? 

Hungary/Vietnam - I've always wanted to see an AU with these two as warriors, raiding towns and villages, kidnapping children and adopting them. 

Invisible Inc. (Video Game)

Nika Muratova/Raymond "Shalem 11" Malik, Maria "Internationale" Valdes/Raymond "Shalem 11" Malik, Derek "Monst3r" Mossman/Olivia "Central" Gladstone, Derek "Monst3r" Mossman & Shopcat, Derek "Monst3r" Mossman & Olivia "Central" Gladstone, Brian Decker/Nika Muratova, Brian Decker/Maria "Internationale" Valdes, Brian Decker/Esther "Prism" Martins, Brian Decker & Raymond "Shalem 11" Malik

So anything pre, post, or mid-canon is fine.  I have beaten the base game but, while I have the DLC, I haven't gotten to playing it yet.  I'd love anything developing the world or the characters.  Also, just seeing a job turn hilarious would be great.  I don't have anything specific for any of the combos, but I would enjoy any of them equally and anything for this great game would be awesome.

Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart

I've seen the whole anime and read a bunch of the manga.  I'm not up to date, but don't worry about spoilers.  I just like seeing these two highly competent females being shipped together.  AUs are fine for this if you don't want to worry about fitting it in canon.  I have no notps for this canon, so feel free to include what other ships you want to.

Surge Concerto
Ionasal kkll Preciel/Nelico

While I have favorites, I don't dislike any ships or characters in this game. So feel free to include any of them.

I love the dynamic with Ion and Nelico. Nelico was my favorite song magic to use and I used her friend skill a ton. Is it the actual Nelico in the song magic or just a recreation? How can a virus even have a friend skill? Maybe something where Nelico was given a physical body? Does Nelico prevent other viruses from infecting Ion? How about f-preg involving making Sharls? Maybe when Ion goes back to Earth, and is Nei again, something happens one day that puts her in a coma or almost kills her and Nelico helps her from the inside?

Crossover Fandom

Apple White (EAH)/Jinafire Long (MH), Barbara Gordon (Batman (1966))/Britt Reid (The Green Hornet (1966)), Bloom (Winx Club)/Elsa (Frozen), Carmen Sandiego (Carmen Sandiego) & Olmec (Legends of the Hidden Temple), Claire Dearing (Jurassic World) & Kara Danvers (Supergirl), Duck (Princess Tutu) & Duchess Swan (EAH), Engineer (Team Fortress 2)/Mei-Ling Zhou (Overwatch), Flynn Carsen (The Librarians) & The Doctor (Doctor Who), Freddy (Wicked World)/Cerise Hood (EAH), John Constantine (Constantine)/Kara Danvers (Supergirl), Kara Danvers (Supergirl)/Steve Rogers (MCU), Lightning (FFXIII series)/Yuna (FFX & X-2), Momomiya Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)/Tomoe Hotaru (BSSM), Sarly Planck (Ar nosurge)/Awin Sidelet (Atelier Escha & Logy), Sarly Planck (Ar nosurge)/Rinoa Heartilly (FFVIII), Senior Agent Greg Lee (WitWiCS) & Squadron Leader Kevin Shinick (WiTiCS)

Apple/Jinafire - I really like the idea of the fairy tale princess with a dragon

Barbara/Britt - The 1966 versions of Baman and Green Hornet reruns were one of my favorite things to watch as a kid.  I was always sad that Batgirl didn't show up in the crossover movie.  Maybe a team up when Batman and Robin are away/captured?

Bloom/Elsa - The fire princess and the ice queen.  I got an amazing fic of these two once before and it made me want to see more takes on this ship.  I'm not a big fan of the specialists and the fairy/specialist ships.

Carmen & Olmec - It would be so great if Carmen stole Olmec either for stealing Olmec itself or to somehow gain the relics from the Hidden Temple.

Claire & Kara - What if Kara was Claire's assistant during the events of Jurassic World?  Feel free to turn this into a romantic ship if you want.  Any other ships involving characters from either franchise is fine.

Duck & Duchess - I just really would love to see Duck give Duchess a pep talk and talk about how Duck dealt with her own role as a doomed princess.

Engineer/Mei-Ling - I love the aesthetic and humor of both Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.  Crossovers feel almost too easy.  I can see the two of them working together to make something.

Flynn & The Doctor - Don't care what version of the Doctor you use.  Any ships except Doctor/Master or Doctor/River are fine.  I am okay with the Doctor not believing in magic but I don't want to see him going "Oh yes, none of this is actually magic and this is how".  Just seeing these two interact and work together would be highly amusing to an outside viewer.

Freddy/Cerise - Two canons with the children of fairy tale characters.  Maybe they are parallel universes?  I think these two would be really interesting together.  Maybe they were assigned to be partners in a cross-dimensional school assignment? 

John Constantine/Kara - I liked Constantine when it was on TV.  I was glad that he got to appear in Arrow, but I don't watch Arrow.  So what if he had shown up in Supergirl instead?

Kara/Steve Rogers - These two would be really adorable together.  I can just see them enjoying stuff together from their respective unique perspectives.  Plus, superheroics during dates.

Lightning/Yuna - These two have different kinds of strength.  Lightning is physically strong, but not very emotionally.  Yuna is emotionally strong, but not very physical.  More importantly, they can both magically change their outfits.  You don't have to limit it to their canon games.  Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, or an original AU are all fine.

Ichigo/Hotaru - This would just be adorable and sugary sweet.  I can see the other Mews and Chibiusa getting involved in hilarious ways.  Maybe they end up going to the same highschool or university together?

Sarly/Awin - Atelier Sarly set in the Dusk universe!  Maybe while Escha & Solle were helping the Shallies, Awin and Logy were helping Sarly?

Sarly/Rinoa - Rinoa is very well read and I can see her helping Sarly out of her shell a bit.  I can also see Rinoa being very interested in Sarly's work.

Greg & Kevin - To clarify: I want them as their host personas, not actually RPF.  When I was a kid I loved Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.  I still sometimes rewatch it on youtube.  When it became Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego I was sad that the two hosts never met. Maybe they have to team up on a case?  Or something small where one provides a clue on the other's show.  Or maybe they just both get in a ton of trouble with the Chief.