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Final ShipSwap Letter


I’m not a picky recipient.  As long as you don’t do one of my DNWs you can feel free to go wherever you want.  Fluff, smut, curtain fic, fantasy setting vampire dubcon AU, anything else you can think of?  All of it is good.  Any art style is fine.  I have no strong preferences for first, second or third person.  I also don’t care about length.  Honestly, I kind of want someone to push my boundaries a bit or to go a bit dark.


Do Not Wants

-Issue fic

-M/M as the central ship.  It is fine to include it as a side or minor pairing. 

-Urine or feces used as a kink

-Super duper grimdark endings


All fandoms are for both art and fic.


Code: Realize 

Abraham Van Helsing/Cardia Beckford (Code: Realize)


I have never played an Otome game before and I only have a few visual novels at all under my belt.  But, I always have loved stories and canons that include lots of crossed over public domain characters.  So when I saw this nomination I got really curious and started looking it up.  Then I ordered the game.  I love it so much!  I was surprised just how much I like Cardia and the other characters.  Dracula being one of my favorite books, I had to play the Van Helsing route first.  I loved it!  Van Helsing just hits so many tropes that I like in characters.  I loved how far Cardia was willing to go to protect him.


I’d love seeing these two post-canon.  Maybe getting caught up in another adventure?  Or their first kiss after Cardia’s poison is neutralized?  Or something really humorous and silly happening involving chasing a small creature across London?  Also, if you want to do an always a girl AU of Van Helsing that would also be really cool.  AUs, canon divergences and so on are all great for this canon.


I don’t dislike any of the guys, but Van Helsing’s route is the only one I’ve beaten.  Feel free to reference things from other routes.  I’m going to try and beat the rest before reveals (I’m on Victor’s right now).


Oh, and OCs based on other literary characters or really any other well known characters that would fit in the setting are great.


Omega Quintet 

Kyouko/Nene (Omega Quintet), Aria/Kyouko (Omega Quintet), Aria/Nene (Omega Quintet) Kyouko/Momoka (Omega Quintet)


Crapsachrine world where girls are used as child soldiers but made palatable by dressing them up as idols and using them to keep what humanity is left in the city going!  I love the hints at the darkness you get in this game.  I want to see that explored so much with these characters.  I do get a little uncomfortable sometimes with how Momoka is treated but I also know that it isn’t that unrealistic considering the idol industry (though Momoka is awesome).  Feel free to include any side ships!


I really would love all the AUs and world building involving these ships.  I like all six Verse Maidens and Takt.  Any tone is great and you can go as dark as you want to.


For ships involving Aria I really like how hard it is for her to communicate with others.  Just what does it mean to have the will of a Blaire?  What about a dark ending where the party failed to subdue Aria?  How does she see the world?  How would she take the death of her lover?


Nene is implied to have something interesting in her past considering how she uses guns because she was already trained in their use and just how obsessed she is with them.  Is she a child soldier?  Former militia? Organized crime? Hitman?  I’d love a shipfic with her to explore her past either through the other character learning or by an AU where Nene wasn’t recruited but still encounters the others.


Kyouko is the classic Yamato Nadeshiko.  I want to see her shell crack even more than what has been shown in the game.  Something where she has to completely rely on one of the other characters for some reason would be great.  What if the Blaire returned/something else attacked but her powers were the first, and only ones, to fade?


Momoka is awesome.  I only requested one ship with her in it.  I just loved how Kyouko’s opinion automatically flipped when she realized that Momoka was not a teenager like herself.  I can’t help but love the idea of Momoka getting together with the student of her former rival.


Sleepless Torture Tower - mothy 

 Gibbet/Original Character (Sleepless Torture Tower)

 Video Here!

This is a super easy fandom to learn.  It’s just a short four minute youtube video.  There is a novel and a manga but neither are translated so you can just ignore those.  I like all the sisters but Gibbet is my favorite.  Considering Gibbet is a torture implement turned human you can go as dark as you want with this. 


I’m open to either male or female for Gibbet’s love interest.  Are they an innocent soul and such won’t be tortured by the sisters?  Or are they a wicked person?  Are they searching for immortality?  Or maybe investigating the sisters?  Does it end in character death?  Do they part forever?  Does Gibbet run away with them?  Do they stay in the tower and become a guardian for the sisters?  How were the sisters given human form anyways?


Surge Concerto  

Ionasal kkll Preciel/Nelico (Surge Concerto)


I was convinced to play this by NightsMistress.  It made me regret that I had been putting it off for so long despite owning it.  I also really like Sarly and Casty/Delta too, so feel free to include those too if you want!


Ion is dressed like this beautiful outfit and looks like a princess.  She’s an engineer!  How awesome is that!  Going through her mindscape reveals that she is so much more complicated in her emotions than she initially appears.  Nelico is a virus designed to keep Ion asleep.  Despite being a virus, Nelico seems to have honest affection for Ion and even helps her as both a friend assist and as song magic.  How does Nelico show up in the real world for the friend assist anyways?  Since Nelico is a virus she will technically always be with Ion, even when she returns to Earth.  It would be so cool if Nelico was able to interact with Ion on Earth, but only her being able to see Nelico.  Or maybe they somehow get a body for Nelico to inhabit.  They are also technically the fpreg mothers of the Sharl, so that could be fun to explore too!  Feel free to include Kanon or Ney if you want to make it a threesome or foursome.


Crossover Ships  

Kara Danvers (Supergirl TV 2015)/Steve Rogers (MCU), Cadence Lark (Furious)/Kara Jor-El (Ame-Comi Girls


I have a friend who really loves Marvel.  She made me start watching MCU, and we are doing so in release order.  I love DC, with one of my favorite characters being Supergirl.  I also really love the Supergirl TV show.  I ended up shipping Kara/Steve together.  I just see a lot of similarities in their origin stories.  Both are orphaned, both have someone not related to them that is like a sibling to them, they both first stepped into heroic action to save said person (does this mean Alex will get brainwashed?).  I also just love their respective personalities and think that they could be a lot of fun together.


I’d love banter.  Banter is so fun.  I’d also really enjoy some hurt/comfort for this ship.  Or date turned into superheroics.  Maybe Kara ends up in MCU and gets recruited by the Avengers?  Or Steve ends up assisting the DEO? 


I don’t care how you would bring them together: Supergirl trapped in the MCU, Captain America trapped in Supergirl’s universe, both occurring in the same universe, an AU, both trapped in a third universe, etc.  You can bring in other DC things in and if you want you can have Supergirl take place in the same universe as Arrow, Flash, Constantine and maybe Lucifer.  You can also include any side pairs you want.


Cadence Lark comes from a short comic series called Furious.  In it a former child star gains super powers and is trying to make up for what she has done in her life.  Kara Jor-El is Power Girl, but she is not Power Girl as an alternate universe Supergirl.  She is Power Girl as an alternate universe Superman. 


Cadence is the only hero in her world and she is finally turning things around.  It would be so great if she existed in the universe of Ame-Comi Girls and got to be recruited into the Justice League.  Seeing Cadence making new friends, learning to work in a team, being supported by someone who loves her and will love her despite her screw ups.  It would just all be so amazing.  Maybe Cadence could re

scue Power Girl from certain death and have it as a rescue romance?