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Crossover Letter


I like F/M, F/F, and gen.  I don’t dislike M/M, but I would prefer it at most be a secondary or background ship of a F/F or F/M piece.  I love crossovers and fusions.  I also love seeing crossover ships.


Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types – Favs are Toko, Mukuro, Maizono, and Togami.  I’m a really big fan of Toko/Togami.  I’d prefer consistency with the English release of the games.  The only thing I wouldn’t like is a story focused exclusively on Teruteru, but having him as part of an ensemble is fine.  I am watching both new anime series.  I like Chisa so far of the new characters.


Dark Matter (TV) – Favorite character is Three, but I like everyone.  Not a fan of One/Two, but any other ships are fine. 


Doctor Who & Related Fandoms – Favorite characters are Fifth Doctor and Clara.  As far as I’m concerned there were only two seasons of Torchwood.  I haven’t seen the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures.  I am really fond of the Eighth Doctor, he was my first, but I have no familiarity with any of the books, audio dramas, etc.  Just the movie and the special with his regeneration are all I’ve seen.  I do not want any references at all to expanded universe material.  Please no Doctor/Master or Doctor/River.


Ever After High – Favorite characters are Apple, Daring, Duchess and Cerise.  I don’t like either Royals or Rebels being vilified.  I do want to see the world dug into more than the show does.  Please no Duchess/Sparrow at all.  I don’t care for Dexter/Raven, Apple/Briar, or Raven/Maddie as romantic relationships but it is fine to have them as background or secondary ships.  Favorite ships are Apple/Darling, Apple/Raven, Cerise/Daring, Cerise/Duchess, Duchess/Daring, Cupid/Sparrow, Duchess/anyone but Sparrow.  I do know Monster High.


Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms – I’m open to any fairy tale.  My favorites are the 12 Dancing Princesses and Red Riding Hood.  Go obscure.  Go common.  Whichever one you think fits. 


Final Fantasy (Video Games) – I am most interested in 5, 7, 8, 10, and 13.  I am also familiar with 6, 9, and 12.  I have no knowledge of the MMOs.  My overall top three favs are Faris, Yuna, and Lightning.  Other characters I really like are Celes, Locke, Yuffie, Vincent, Reeve, Rude, Squall, Rinoa, Garnet, Rikku, Auron, Basche, and Vanille.  I don’t want a focus on Yuna/Tidus, but referencing It in the past tense is fine.  I do think that they would treasure the time they were in a relationship and remain close friends.


Killjoys (TV) – Favs are John  and Pree.  I love this setting and all the characters.


The Librarians (TV 2014) – Favorite is Jacob Stone, but this another one where I like everybody.


Lolirock – Favs are Talia and Mephisto.  Iris/Nathaniel is cute, but it is okay to break them up.  I don’t really care about the other ships.


Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Favs are Mami, Sayaka, Homura, and Kyubey.  Any romantic ship except Homura/Madoka is fine.  I do love Rebellion but you can ignore it if you want.  Feel free to draw on any of the other material


MCU – I have seen everything up to Age of Ultron.  Favorite characters are Steve Rogers, James Rhodes, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Thor, Natasha Romanoff.  I do not want Steve/Bucky or Steve/Tony.


Miraculous Ladybug – Fav is Marinette.  Adrien is okay, but I don’t care about them getting together either way.


Power Rangers – I have seen a lot ad what I haven’t seen I know what happens.  Favorite characters are Trini Kwan, Jason Lee Scott, Scorpina, Tanya, TJ Johnson, Cassie Chan, Madison Rocca, Daggeron, Rose Ortiz, Tyzonn, Lily Chilman, RJ, Gemma, Flynn, Jayden Shiba, Lauren Shiba, Heckyl, Shelby, Chase, and Kendall.  I do not want Tommy focus or Aisha.


RWBY – Faves are Ruby, Weiss, Neo, and Jaune.  I don’t dislike anyone. 


Star Trek: The Original Series – Favorite is Kirk.  I hate the reboot movies.  I don’t dislike anyone.  Please no Kirk/Spock.  In general I don’t like having Kirk shipped with any of his subordinates.  Shipping between anyone else is fine.


Supergirl – Love it and I am a fan of New 52 Supergirl too.  Favorite characters are Kara, Bizarro, Alex, J’onn, and Winn. I have a soft spot for Bizarro and want her to be happy and a hero (I’m still hoping she becomes Power Girl).


X-Men (Alternate Timelie Movies) – Favorite characters are Peter, Scott, and Jean.  I really love the entire new X-men team at the end of Apocalypse and I want Jubilee to be part of it.  I personally think that Peter also has a twin sister since her name appears in X2 and in the Rogue Cut of Days of Future Past Ms. Maximoff mentions an older sister when talking to Peter’s little sister


Group 1 -  Marvel Cinematic Universe, Power Rangers, Supergirl (TV 2015), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)


MCU/Power Rangers

If Disney hadn’t sold Power Rangers back to Saban I would have hoped for this crossover to happen in at least Disney Infinity or Kingdom Hearts.  I think the easiest way for it to happen would be if there was an attack so huge that it required both the Rangers and the various MCU heroes.  It would be interesting to see one of the government run teams like Lightspeed Rescue working together with SHIELD.  How aware of Thanos are the ranger teams?  Power Rangers assisting at the Battle of New York?  I’d love to see someone obsessed with trying to get their hands on zord tech but constantly failing.



If you’d like to focus on a specific crossover ship then I’d love Kara/Steve, Natasha/Kara/Steve, or Natasha/Kara, Thor/anyone.  I like the idea of a character in one of the two franchises doing what they think is a heroic sacrifice which ends up throwing them into the other world.  I also like the idea of a fusion setting.  It would be hilarious if SHIELD never figured out that Clark Kent is Superman and couldn’t recruit him into the Avengers.  You can totally bring in other Arrowverse characters.


MCU/X-Men (Alternate Timeline)

I’d rather see this one as a crossover rather than a fusion.  I like the idea of a badguy somehow bringing the worlds together somehow.  It would be great if like the Avengers are fighting the badguy and then in come the X-Men to also fight the badguy.  I’d love to see X-Men  Quicksilver and MCU Scarlet Witch meet and interact.


Power Rangers/Supergirl

What if the constant monster attacks caused Supergirl to go public while she was still a teenager?  Maybe the DEO becomes SPD  in the future?  Can the DEO officially request permission?  Maybe J’onn is an old friend of Zordon, the Alien Rangers, Andros, Tyzonn or any of the other alien characters that would fit.  Or maybe a badguy rips a hole in reality and causes the worlds to collide. 


Group 2 - Ever After High, LoliRock (Cartoon), Miraculous Ladybug, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Ever After High/LoliRock

With all the magic going on in both settings I could see a crossover easily happening.  Or what if Iris had grown up in Ever After instead of Earth?  Or what if Gramor turned his attention to Ever After?  Maybe one of the EAH characters gets captured because of some evil plot?


Ever After High/Miraculous Ladybug

I don’t really have any specific ideas for this one.  I just love the feel and setting for both and think it could make for a great crossover.


Ever After High/Madoka Magica

What if Kyubey was a Jinn in the Ever After High setting?  Maybe he starts making contracts with the regular people that don’t get to be main characters.  Or any of the EAH girls as magical girls would be fun.  I’d also enjoy seeing what the Madoka Magica girls would be like if they were native to EAH.  Oh, maybe someone makes a wish bringing EAH characters into the “real world”.


LoliRock/Miraculous Ladybug

I could see LoliRock and Ladybug meeting by chance.  Maybe Marinette wants to attend one of their concerts?  I can see them becoming close allies and good friends with each other.  It would be interesting to see what Talia makes of the Miraculouses.


LoliRock/Madoka Magica

It would be interesting if Talia and Auriana were aware of the Incubators and thought they were common knowledge.  With how their world is I can see the temptation to make a contract for more power.  Maybe something that compares and contrasts the gems the princesses use, Soul Gems, and both respective sets of magic.


Miraculous Ladybug/Madoka Magica

I would love to see how Ladybug would deal with a person turned witch or one of the magical girls deal with a person that has been Akumatized.  I’d really love seeing a character from one become involved with the events of the other show somehow.  Maybe a crossover ship would be fun.


Group 3 -  Dark Matter (TV), Doctor Who & Related Fandoms, Killjoys (TV), The Librarians (TV 2014), Star Trek: The Original Series


Dark Matter/Doctor Who

TARDIS appears on board the Raza.  What happens next?  Or maybe one of the Raza crew members just runs into the Doctor during two unrelated plots.  Maybe the Doctor needs to get somewhere, maybe he was separated from the TARDIS, and decides the Raza would be the way to get there.


Dark Matter/Killjoys

I don’t think it would be too hard to have the events of both shows in the same universe.  Maybe the Raza crew and the Killjoys are both going after the same badguy?  Or maybe both are lured into a trap?  Or just have both groups getting some R&R at the same place.


Dark Matter/The Librarians

Okay, no clue how these two could be crossed over, but I love the idea of how some of their personalities would play off of each other.  Maybe one or more of the Librarians gets thrown into the future/parallel world.  Or maybe the Library still exists in one form or another this far into the future?


Dark Matter/Star Trek TOS

I can’t see these being set in the same universe.  So I think this one would work better as a crossover between worlds.  Some entity or anomaly (or just Q) could weaken the barriers between parallel universes? 


Doctor Who/Killjoys

I can just see the Doctor showing up in the middle of the Killjoys fulfilling a warrant.  Or maybe the Doctor is in Westerly for reasons.  I’d love to see Lucy’s thoughts on the Doctor or any of his companions.


Doctor Who/The Librarians

You know, seeing the Doctor and Flynn working together and trying to outdo each other would be amazing.  I can see it happening where sometimes one could be accidentally credited with what the other does.  Or maybe some epic mix-up since the Librarian does sound like it could be a Timelord name. 


Doctor Who/Star Trek TOS

I would love to see Kirk and the Doctor locked up someplace and forced to work together to survive.  Or maybe the Enterprise recovers/encounters Gallifreyian tec?  I did say that I’m not much of a M/M fan, but I would make an exception to that for Kirk/any incarnation of the Doctor.  That is the one M/M thing that I would enjoy.



Maybe the Scarbacks have a connection with the Library in their time?  Or maybe the Librarians get sent there by whatever problem of the week they are dealing with.  I don’t have much ideas for this other than that I love the idea of it.


Killjoys/Star Trek TOS

Maybe they encounter each other while the Killjoys are trying to serve a warrant that interferes with whatever the Enterprise is doing?  I’d love to see what the Federation thinks of the RAC. 


Librarians/ Star Trek TOS

Okay, there is no way that the Librarians wouldn’t recognize it as Star Trek.  So just go with it.  Maybe something sends them into an episode?  Or maybe Star Trek was actually created by a Federation officer that was stranded in the past?


Group 4 - Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types, Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Dangan Ronpa/Fairy Tales

I’m really interested in a fusion for this one.  What would Hope’s Peak be like in a world where fairy tales are real?  What type of fairy tale character would Junko be?  Would despair be connected to bad endings?  How would Toko’s and her second personality fit in this?  I can easily see Naegi as the average villager you sometimes see as protagonist in some stories.


Dangan Ronpa/Madoka Magica

Just imagine what it would be like in a world with both witches and Ultimate Despair.  The despair would be through the roof.   Would any of the characters make a contract?  Who would be scouted as Ultimate Magical Girl? 


Fairy Tales/Madoka Magica

The easiest way to do this is to draw out the similarities between Sayaka and the Little Mermaid, she even gets both endings of the story when you take the series timeline and the post Madoka timelines into account.  I would love seeing any of the girls as fairy tale characters, both normal and obscure ones are cool.


Group 5 - Ever After High, Final Fantasy (Video Games), RWBY


Ever After High/Final Fantasy

I’d love to see the EAH characters as FF classes or in a more FF like setting.  Or it could be neat to see a group of Final Fantasy characters summoned to help with some crisis.  I just love the characters and worlds of both and would love to see them combined somehow.


Ever After High/RWBY

Is this one cheating with both having inspiration from fairy tales?  All four main characters of RWBY have equivalents  in Ever After High.  I would like to see how the conflict between humans and faunus would be interpreted to EAH characters from their own frame of reference.  Maybe there is a crisis where a badguy is forcefully trying to merge their worlds together?


Final Fantasy/RWBY

I love academies like SeeD and Beacon.  So something involving them would be cool..  Or maybe some Final Fantasy characters as Hunters in the RWBY world?  Or go the other way, I could see it being really cool to have the RWBY characters in Final Fantasy.  I think Final Fantasy VII would be an especially good fit of the games.