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2016 Yuletide Letter


All of these are equally desired regardless of length of the section.


Do Not Wants:

-M/M as a focus.  A side or background ship is fine

-Rocks fall everybody dies

-Mundane modern day AUs

-Feces, urine, or vomit used as kink

-Issue fic


I Am Fine Receiving:



-Character Death


-Alternate Universes


-Dark subject matter and themes


I love F/F, F/M, and gen.  I love alternate universes with everything ranging from canon divergence to a complete setting change.  I love fairy tales.  If you want to incorporate one and worry whether or not I know it then just include the name in the notes and I’ll read it if I don’t know it.  I adore winter.  My favorite holiday is Halloween and everything associated with it.  If you somehow found a way to incorporate a coyote or a wombat that would just be amazing.  I love supernatural and occult themes.  If a prompt in a different fandom inspires you then feel free to steal it for the fandom we matched on as long as it doesn’t contradict a fandom specific Do Not Want.  I also really love crossover ships.


Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star  

Ionasal kkll Preciel, Nelico (Ar nosurge)


This is such an interesting game.  I like how the heroines are so imperfect.  Ion and Nelico are both my favorite characters and my favorite ship from this game.  I also love their friendship too.  It really amuses me that Nelico can both be summoned as an ally and as song magic, or even both at the same time.  I also really love how Ion looks like a princess and is a skilled engineer.


Since Nelico is technically a virus in Ion’s body that means that even going back to her own world that Nelico will always be with her. 


I do not want Ion/Earthes.  I see him more as her robot wingman best friend than as a potential love interest.  I also don’t want to see Delta/Cass broken up.



-Ion and Cass as magical girl duo AU.  You can go original or base it on an existing franchise.  Incorporate Nelico however you like

-Ion goes traveling between dimensions with Nelico

-Ion finds a way to visit her friends without having to take someone else’s body

-Nelico right after Ion builds her a robot body


-Fantasy AU

-Ion dealing with unusual occurrences in the real world

-Nelico decides to be “helpful” with an issue that Ion is facing

-Nelico comforting Ion during some kind of trauma


I’d love a crossover or fusion with any other RPG that you can think of.  Pretty much anything on a Sony system is fine.


Code: Realize  

Abraham Van Helsing (Code: Realize), Cardia Beckford


I love the setting of this game.  I like all of the main characters but Abraham is my favorite to pair with Cardia.  I just really adored his route.  Cardia is a great lead character and made me reevaluate my preconception towards Otome game lead characters.  I’m just eagerly anticipating the English release of Code: Realize ~Future Blessing~.


I’d love to see more public domain characters show up, either from the same books as the leads or from other works.


I really like Cardia/Abraham, but I’m also fine with a just friends relationship.  While I also love the other guys I don’t want something focusing on her romance with the other guys in their routes.



-Abraham/Cardia post game

-Cardia’s first time experiencing a holiday of your choice

-Female Abraham AU

-Story involving more public domain characters.  Anything you want to include is fine, but here are a few in particular that I like: Alice (in Wonderland), Mina Murray, Dorian Gray, Captain Ahab, and Sinbad

-AU that keeps the characters but has more in common with the original books


The Green Hornet (2006)  



I’ve always loved the Green Hornet ever since I watched reruns of the show as a child.  I’d love a more modern set version.  So I picked this cool short movie for my fandom.  If you have no familiarity with the Green Hornet then this short pretty well sums up his vigilante side.  The only info it is lacking is that his first name is Britt, he owns a newspaper, and Kato works as his chauffeur when they aren’t doing vigilante stuff.



-What happened before or after the short?

-Something that feels like it could be another case

-Origin story for this setting

-Dealing with a supernatural foe or aliens

-Doing something that will negatively impact the Green Hornet to save others

-If you are familiar with some of the other Green Hornet characters then how would they be in this setting?


I’m open to crossovers with other superhero properties.  I do have a particular desire to see Britt Reid/Barbara Gordon.


HappinessCharge PreCure!  

Aino Megumi | Cure Lovely, Deep Mirror | Red


I became really fascinated with Megumi and Red toward the end of the series.  I’d always liked Megumi since the season started.  Having Mirage be defeated and switch sides relatively early in the series was surprising but a neat twist.


I really only have two ideas for this fandom.  If you don’t like either then feel free to do something else.  I’m pretty easy to please and I enjoy being surprised.


I would really love Megumi/Red.  If you aren’t interested in writing ships or if you prefer different ones then that is fine.  I’m okay with any M/F or F/F ship using characters from Happinesscharge. 


-Red succeeds in turning Megumi evil

-If Megumi had to stay on Red’s planet with him.  While it isn’t named I’m convinced that it is actually supposed to be Mars. 

-Megumi/Red get together


LoliRock (Cartoon)  

Talia of Xeris


This is just such a great Western magical girl series.  I can’t understate how much I love it.  Talia is my favorite character in it by far.  I love her friendship with both Iris and Aurianna.  I don’t care for her canon ship, but I do love the idea of her with Iris, Mephisto, or Praxina.  I’d also really kill for a crossover ship with another magical girl series or Ronin Warriors. 


Don’t be fooled by the short section.  I’m just as excited for this fandom as the others.



-If Talia was turned evil

-Winter on Earth

-Christmas or Halloween centric


-Political alliances

-Talia is cursed into a monster girl form

-Talia faces a deadly threat that is entirely Earth human in nature

-Talia’s life when she is an adult


Winx Club (Cartoon - Cinelume & Nickelodeon & DuArt dubs)  

Bloom (Winx Club)


I have loved this cartoon for awhile now.  I found myself really liking Bloom.  Which is surprising for me because I wasn’t expecting to.  I like that even though she is the leader that she can still make careless mistakes.  I like her drive to learn the truth.  She can be self-righteous and jump the gun, but is also very loyal.  I love her relationship with Mike and Vanessa.  Kind of a little thing but, I like that she is the main character and is blue themed.


I prefer Bloom in the earlier seasons, but I don’t dislike anything season wise except Magical Adventure. 


I’m not a fan of Bloom/Sky.  I mean having him show up or making a reference to their relationship isn’t going to bother me but I don’t want it to be the focus of the fic.  In terms of other ships I’d love to see her with Musa, Tecna, Aisha, Selina, Darcy, Roxy, or Valtor.  I’d also be open to a male or female OC love interest.  I’d also adore a crossover ship, but I’ll put that at the end.



-She just had Stella’s word that she was being taken to a school for fairies.  What if it was something darker?  Maybe she was taking Bloom to magical warlords, to sell on the magical black market, or maybe even to kill her and steal her powers.  I’d love an AU where Stella did not have good intentions when taking her away from Earth.

-What if Bloom had been interested in witches, vampires or something else instead of fairies?

-Something set well past the series where she has become separate from everyone else due to her powers.

-Badguy of your choice won

-Based on a scene in the fourth season I believe Gardenia is located in the USA.  So what if Bloom had grown up in a location or time period that wasn’t modern America?

-Bloom was lucky to be adopted by two such loving people.  What if she had been raised by people who weren’t good?


I mentioned crossovers before.  I would adore receiving a crossover for this fandom.  On that I’m particularly interested in would be with Lolirock.  I’d love to somehow get Talia/Bloom.  But really any crossover is cool as long as I know the canon.  I’m familiar enough with pretty much any magical girl franchise.  MCU, Power Rangers, DCEU, DC (New 52 and on), and Arrowverse (including Supergirl and Constantine in that) all spring to mind.  If you are worried about whether or not I know it then pass on a question through the mods or just give me the important info in the notes.