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Gen Ex Letter

Crossover Fandom
Alex Danvers (Supergirl) & Maria Hill (MCU) - I would love to see these two working together on joint missions. Maybe bonding over their similar positions in their respective organizations.

Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) & Moira MacTaggert (X-Men Alternate Timeline movies) - Man these two would be awesome together and they could conceivably meet, especially in the 60s. They could have all kinds of fun period appropriate spy missions.

Kara Danvers (Supergirl TV) & Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - I just want to see Wanda be happy and I think she'd have a blast in the Arrowverse, working alongside Kara. The two even share a similar pain at losing their parents and what happened to their homelands. Please no Wanda/Vision.

Jean Grey (X-Men Movies) & Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Both have a similar thread of being extremely powerful and fear of those powers. I could see Jean mentoring Wanda and helping her. Or maybe the X-Men could rescue her after she's locked up.

Kara Danvers (Supergirl TV) & Daisy Johnson (AoS) - I think the two of them could get along really well and become good friends. Maybe SHIELD sends a mission into a parallel Earth and they met that way. Or Kara travels to the wrong Earth by accident.

Jay Garrick (DC) & Peter Maximoff (ATM) - I love both classic Jay and the younger New 52 version. So either way I'm happy. You can also use Arrowverse Jay if that's the version you know. If Jay is older I would love to see a mentor and student relationship or maybe something closer to a father figure. If younger Jay I can see the two bonding over being "total losers".

Maria Hill (MCU) & Lois Lane (DC Cinematic Universe) - I'd love to see Lois attempting to get an interview out of Maria. Or maybe SHIELD wants to know who Superman is and have reason to believe that Lois has discovered his identity? Maybe Lois wants Maria's view on the Sokovia Accords?

DC Cinematic Universe

Lois Lane & Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU) - Diana knows exactly what kind of pain Lois is going through at the end of Batman v Superman. Maybe she could provide her with emotional support? Or maybe Lois writes a new article that involves Diana's role working at a museum?

Diana (Wonder Woman) & Bruce Wayne (DCEU) - I just love the relationship and interactions between the two of them. Bruce has returned Steve to Diana twice, once with the copy and once with the original. Maybe them working together at some point in between Batman v Superman and Justice League?

Rick Flag & Tatsu Yamashiro (DCEU) - How do they know each other? She is the only volunteer in the movie, what caused that? What kind of life or death situations have they shared?

Floyd Lawton & Harleen Quinzel (DCEU) - I like the friendship that develops between the two of them. Maybe Harleen sends Floyd cupcakes after escaping? Maybe Floyd asks Harleen for a psych evaluation of a potential target or client? Maybe Zoe has a project for school an the two help her?

Diana & Napi "Chief" (DCEU) - I want to see the interaction between these two at any point between Wonder Woman and the present. Any topic is fine. Sorry, nothing more specific here.

Clark Kent & Bruce Wayne (DCEU) - Maybe some banter post Clark coming back to life? I'd like to see these two interacting as Clark and Bruce not as Superman and Batman. Clark could tease Bruce about his new friends?

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Rarity & Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash & Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie & Sunset Shimmer, Applejack & Sunset Shimmer, Sunset Shimmer & Twilight Sparkle, Fanart, Fanfic

The only reason Sunset Shimmer & Fluttershy isn't on this list is because I forgot to nominate it. If you want to write that instead then go for it. For Sunset Shimmer & Twilight Sparkle I'm open to either the human or alicorn versions.

I love Sunset Shimmer and I like her role as the sort of leader/main character of Equestria Girls. I just want to see her be friends with anyone and everyone. Maybe she could tell them a little more about Equestria? Maybe Sunset gets overly emotional when a horse on AJ's farm has to be put down? Or maybe one of the girls borrows Sunset's book to ask Princess Twilight Sparkle about pony celebrations because they want to throw one for Sunset? Or the girls could just have a fun day together.

Power Rangers
Kimberly Hart & Trini Kwan, Jason Lee Scott & Zack Taylor, Kendall Morgan & Chase Randall, Sarah Thompson & Shelby Watkins, Lily Chilman & Hayley Foster, Camile & Lily Chilman, Brody Romero & Jayden Shiba, Fanart, Fanfic

Kimberly Hart & Trini Kwan - The original Power Ranger female best friends. I just love how supportive the two are of each other. I was really miffed about how Kimberly never really mentioned Trini again after the character was written out. So I'd love to see them reunited. It would also be great to see them fighting side by side. What would Trini's animal be if she had gained Ninja Ranger Powers?

Jason Lee Scott & Zack Taylor - I just love the dynamic between these two. They are so fun and there's even a bit of playfulness in their friendship. I always saw Zack as the second in command of the rangers after Jason. It kind of bugged me how it seemed like the friendship between Zack and Jason seemed to be pushed to the side for Tommy.

Kendall Morgan & Chase Randall - I want to see more of these two working together before the entire team was assembled. I'm sure there were some interesting escapades that were never shown on screen. Or maybe the two have to save the other rangers as the black and purple rangers?

Sarah Thompson & Shelby Watkins - This two pink rangers would get along so well if they met. Both are very science minded girls, though one is more paleontology and the other is more inventing. If they put their mind to it there is nothing they couldn't accomplish together.

Lily Chilman & Hayley Foster - I could see Hayley getting some fighting training from Lily after becoming a ranger. Maybe she could find out what her own spirit beast is? I could see it being a canine and Lily using something RJ did to help Hayley train.

Camile & Lily Chilman - I like the interactions between these two and I could see a full friendship forming after the series ends. Maybe Camile could become the Jungle Fury Green Ranger eventually?

Brody Romero & Jayden Shiba - Okay, I'm just going to be honest here, I entirely requested this because samurai and ninjas! I'd love to see a playful competition/rivalry between either the full teams or the reds of the Samurai Rangers and the Ninja Steel Rangers.

X-Men (Movieverse)
Raven | Mystique & Charles Xavier (ATM) - I'd love to see more of them growing up together, maybe seeing what their childhood was like? I'd also love to see them in the day-to-day running of the school and training of the X-Men.

Scott Summers & Rogue (Original Timeline) | Rogue & Scott Summers (X-Men Movies - I'd love to see him in a teacher role to Rogue. They both have a power that is always on that can't be controlled. I can see them bonding over that and Scott being able to understand Rogue better than some of the other teachers.

Scott Summers & Katherine Pryde (Original Timeline) - We didn't get to see them interact much, if at all. So tell me what they would have been like? Does she act up in his classes? Is she studious?

Peter Maximoff & Scott Summers (X-Men Movies) - Scott is the leader, but Peter is the adult. They have opposite personalities. How well do they work together? Is there every any awkwardness over Peter not saving Alex, despite the fact that he was already dead by the time Peter got there? If they knew each other in the original timeline, how did he respond to Scott's death?

Jean G. & Logan & Peter M. & Ororo M. & Rogue & Scott S. & Kurt W. (X-Men Movies) - I basically want to see the ATM team at the point of the original X-Men movie. How do Logan and Rogue fit in with the new team? What does she think about the additional teachers? Is there friction because it is Erik that they are facing again?

Clarice Ferguson & Kitty Pryde (X-Men Movies) - How did they meet? Any daring rescues? Do they know each other in the new timeline? Does one ever do something nice for the other?

Nina Gorzky & Peter Maximoff (ATM) - I would have liked to see them interacting. What was it like discovering he had a third sister after she had already died? If she was somehow still barely alive what would have happened? What if it had been Erik and Magda that died instead of Magda and Nina?