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Crossovering Letter

Please ignore the events of Logan in any requests that involve the X-Men movies. I love Laura and if you want to include her and her relationship with Logan in some capacity that is fine, but I personally view Logan as its own separate universe different from the alternate timeline or the original timeline. There is just too much in it that completely breaks my suspension of disbelief when watching it

I listed both favorite individual characters and ships I’m interested in.

Overall DNWs:
-Focus on M/M
-Mocking the character’s religious belief system
-Issue fic
-Character death where it is completely meaningless

-Gen, F/F, F/M
-Anything from fluff to smut
-Anywhere from light to dark on the fic scale
-Non-mundane AUs
-Experimental ideas in fic/art
-Crossover ships
-You having an idea and just running with it
-Character death

The Avengers (Marvel Movies)/ Supergirl (TV 2015)
Crossover/Art, Crossover/Fic, Fusion/Art, Fusion/Fic
Favorite Characters: Kara, J’onn, Steve, Wanda
Disliked Characters: Vision
Crossover Ships: Kara Danvers/Steve Rogers, Kara Danvers/Pietro Maximoff, Kara Danvers/Wanda Maximoff, Alex Danvers/Maria Hill, Alex Danvers/Natasha Romanoff
DNW: Kara/Winn, Kara/Mon-El, Kara/James, Wanda/Vision, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony

You can feel free to bring in other parts of the Arrowverse or MCU. These subparts were just chosen because they contain the characters I most want to interact.

What most comes to mind is Wanda getting to go to the Supergirl world after the events of Civil War and getting to be awesome teammates with Kara, saving the world, having crossovers with other superhero properties. I mean what’s left for her in the MCU anyways? Her entire family is dead. She’s being treated like an animal. I could also see the two balancing each other out pretty well.

Steve and Kara are just characters that mesh together really well. I could see Steve doing some type of heroic sacrifice that could trap him in Kara’s world. I’m sure he’d fit right in at the DEO. He’d also probably get along with Clark pretty well.

I could see J’onn and Nick Fury having a level of respect for each other. Maybe the DEO and SHIELD already work together either on the same Earth or through multi-dimensional communication?

Alex with either Maria or Natasha would be really cool. I mean all of them are badass lady agents. There could be so much banter and teasing. Maybe throwing around the word “classified” so much that it becomes a running joke?

The Avengers (Marvel Movies)/ Suicide Squad (2016)
Crossover/Art, Crossover/Fic, Fusion/Art, Fusion/Fic
Favorite Characters: Steve, Wanda, Tatsu, June, Enchantress, Harley, Rick
Disliked Characters: Vision
Crossover Ships: Enchantress/Wanda, Natasha/Tatsu
DNW: Wanda/Vision, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, focus on Joker/Harley (dealing with it and moving on or just referencing it enough to keep Harley in character is fine)

I’m familiar with both the MCU and DCEU if you want to bring in other characters.

My first idea for this is what if Wanda and Pietro were forcibly recruited after being convicted for their various crimes before they decided to help the Avengers? Amanada Waller would be giddy to have a new witch to replace Enchantress and I’m sure she wouldn’t say no to her own speedster. Or if you want to go a little later what about the people that helped Steve in Civil War. It would be ironic to have the people against the Accords to then end up on Task Force X which would probably be a huge ass violation of said Accords. Or just do a complete AU type where there never was an Avengers team and all of them are part of Task Force X for various crimes, some real and some not so real because Amanda wanted them for her team.

I don’t have many ships in mind for this, but I’m pretty open to any and would love being surprised. I could see Enchantress/Wanda as really fun and dark in a messed up way. I don’t think Rick and Steve would get along very well.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)/ Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Crossover/Art, Crossover/Fic
Favorite Characters: Daisy Johnson, Phil Coulson, Greg Lee
Disliked Characters: None
Crossover Ships: None
DNW: Don’t draw on the real lives of the Carmen Sandiego crew, smut, dark fic

ACME Crimenet and S.H.I.E.L.D. team up to take down the most infamous of thieves, Carmen Sandiego. Greg’s and Phil’s sense of humor and comedic timing would just be amazing. Chief Thigpen and Director Fury arguing over jurisdiction on a particular investigation would be fun. VILE and Hydra both going after the same thing and getting into fights over it. There are just so many fun ways that this could go down. Maybe find some way to work some of the games and skits from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego into things? Maybe somebody in SHIELD gets in trouble for not knowing their geography?

Please, don’t be fooled by the short section. I am just as excited for this as for any of the other crossovers. It is just for the others I’d been thinking of them longer and this I only just thought of as I looked at the tagset.

Supergirl (TV 2015)/X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)
Crossover/Art, Crossover/Fic, Fusion/Art, Fusion/Fic
Favorite Characters: Kara, J’onn, Peter, Scott, Kitty, Clarice, Bobby
Disliked Characters:
Crossover Ships: Kara Danvers/Peter Maximoff, Kara Danvers/Scott Summers, Kara Danvers/Kitty Pryde, Kara Danvers/Clarice Ferguson, Kara Danvers/Bobby Drake, Alex Danvers/Ororo Munroe, Alex Danvers/Betsy Braddock
DNW: Kara/Winn, Kara/Mon-El, Kara/James, Wanda/Vision, Jean/Logan

I picked the Alternate Timeline Movies because it has the most characters I like, but I love the Original Timeline Movies as well, so feel free to draw on them or Deadpool.

I love Kara’s optimism. So what would happen if instead of being on the Earth the Supergirl show she was on the Earth from the X-Men movies. This could be either growing up on this Earth or being trapped there when already an adult. Would Sentinels be able to detect Kryptonians? Would everybody assume she’s a mutant? Would she and Clark be able to operate as openly? Would the Danvers send her to Xavier’s school? Would she be part of the fight against Apocalypse? Would she be part of the team buying time for Kitty and Logan to change the timeline? I could see a younger Kara getting in trouble with Peter (maybe Alex and Wanda are dragged into it too), plus they could compare supervillain relatives. Kara and Scott could have to explain that optic blasts and heat vision are two completely, totally different things. Kara with any of the three from Days of Future Past could be really sad and fun with all the times they’ve died to the Sentinels to buy Kitty time. I just think Alex and Ororo would have really complimentary personalities. Alex and Betsy could have a fun game of cat and mouse as Alex and Moira pursue Betsy after Apocalypse has been dealt with.

The Avengers (Marvel Movies)/ X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)
Crossover/Art, Crossover/Fic
Favorite Characters: Peter Maximoff, Scott Summers, Kitty, Clarice, Bobby, Steve Rogers, Wanda
Disliked Characters: Vision
Crossover Ships: Peter (X-Men)/Wanda(MCU), Scott Summers/Wanda (MCU), Clarice/Any Avenger, Kitty/Any Avenger
DNW: Jean/Logan, Wanda/Vision, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony

I would prefer this be a crossover between two parallel Earths instead of trying to have them both be on the same planet. Maybe Wanda’s powers could cause an accidental crossover? There is just so much potential fun interaction here. Bruce and Hank comparing research, Natasha and Raven sparring, Scott getting leadership advice from Steve, Jean and Wanda struggling with their powers, Clint reacting to meeting Peter, and so much more that I’m not even thinking of. If you want to go with the bad future team then I could see all or part of the Avengers being trapped there and then deciding to stay and help against the Sentinels.

If you decide to write Peter/Wanda then it’s up to you how you want to handle the sort of incest. I do headcanon that Peter has his own twin sister Wanda, who is mentioned in a deleted scene in Days of Future Past and is in a list of mutants from X-Men United with the unnamed little sister in DoFP being another sister. Actually, it would be kind of sad if MCU Wanda’s mom was pregnant with their universe’s version of the unnamed little sister when she died and Wanda gets to meet the X-Men universe version. I usually called the unnamed little sister Anya and Ms. Maximoff as Marya, but I’m open to other names if they show up.

I could also see Wanda and Scott bonding over the problems with their powers. There is a level of fear in both of them. They also both share the pain of losing a brother, so that is another thing that they share. Plus, they’d look really good together!

Grimm Fairy Tales (Comics)/ Supergirl (TV 2015)
Crossover/Art, Crossover/Fic, Fusion/Art, Fusion/Fic
Favorite Characters: Kara, J’onn, Sela, Robyn, Liesel, Calie
Disliked Characters:
Crossover Ships: Sela/anyone, Robyn/any female character, Liesel/anyone, Kara/any GFT heroine
DNW: Kara/Winn, Kara/Mon-El, Kara/James

I’m still relatively early in the Zenescope universe, but I love it so much. Maybe Kara faces a magical threat and Sela helps her with that? Or something that involves Kara getting trapped in a story or one of the worlds from GFT. I just want to see all of the fairy tale related action and ladies being awesome together. I hate that this section is so short when I want it just as badly as everything else, but it is.